Eco-friendly Things You Would Have Thought Had Already Been Invented


This is a representative kazoo. This is not my kazoo.

I can’t believe that no one has thought of a bamboo kazoo yet.  I think I need one.  I had to get rid of my last kazoo once I found out it was moldy, and when mold may or may not cause the migraines, you tend to want to get rid of anything that’s moldy right away, especially something that is used directly in or on your airway (speaking of myself, of course.  Your moldy mileage may vary).  So I got rid of my fantastic, plastic, purple kazoo that lasted all the way back from when I was in the madrigals choir in high school.  It was a hardcore kazoo.  I bought it myself.  Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I cleaned it before donating it.

But I can’t bring myself to buy another plastic kazoo.  I can’t bring myself to spend actual dollars on new plastic.  Used plastic, sure — but I don’t want to buy a used kazoo that may also be from a moldy home.  Please.  I have standards here.

Enter bamboo kazoo.  It even rhymes!  Look at that marketing.

On Googling it, I found out there’s something called the Bamboo Kazoo, but it’s plastic and has something vaguely to do with religion?  I’m not sure.  It’s definitely not what I’m looking for.

Then there’s the How to Make a Wooden Kazoo instructions.  Add a point for being made of bamboo.  Subtract a point for using plastic wrap.

I see Melissa and Doug make a wooden kazoo.  It’s not bamboo.  Is it all wood, or is that red piece plastic?  I’m skeptical.  I’d have to try it out.

And there’s one lonely wood kazoo on Etsy, which most unfortunately does not have the distinctive kazoo shape, which is half the fun.  Although, come to think of it, this one would fit nicely in the breast pocket of a suit jacket, which is just where I’d keep mine so that Mr. Savvy and I could go to weddings and I could whip it out of his pocket and people would be surprised and ask me, “where do you keep a kazoo in that dress?”

Edit: My brother just walked by and told me that it’s called the Bamboo Kazoo because there’s a panda on it.  Clearly.


©2011 at Simple Savvy, the simple living blog where this should be a Kickstarter project.  Image courtesy of Beige Alert.

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  1. A kazoo back in the recesses of my childhood that stopped working, and on investigating I discovered that the rattly bit was made of something like waxed paper and had gotten soaked from my childish enthusiasm. Maybe make a wooden one and use waxed paper or baker’s parchment for the rattle?

    • Nothing at the moment. I can’t decide. I’m leaning towards the Melissa and Doug kazoo, but I think there will be a few rounds of emails with the customer service people first.

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