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Spoons up!


Hello Spoons up! Here’s a free knitting pattern just for you my friends.  This is the pattern I began last summer only, to bid farewell at the start of present knitting season.  It’s been on my mind, and now that it’s off the needles and hot off the presses, I can finally share with you.

Spoons up! is a pattern for knitted fingerless gloves, adorned with spoons with a twisted chain motif between each.  They are the same on the front and back, and I had a blast knitting them.

The pattern keeps track of itself with those little chains and then the spoon heads.  I also included a gusset thumb with another spoon on it, for the sake of going as far as I could.  After all, I own a retro thermos decorated with spoons — why not fingerless gloves too?

I thought the idea of spoons was cute, but the more I wear these gloves, the more appropriate I think they are: retro inspiration, a love of egg drop soup and Shakesville and the Spoon Theory.  Hurray!

The pattern itself is three pages long plus a title page with photos — although I recommend that you don’t bother printing out the title page.  I called for a rather hard to find sport weight Shetland yarn made by a farm in New England, and for that reason you may want to use your favorite sport weight yarn when knitting.  Although Shetland, of course, will mean that you don’t have to catch your stitches across the spoon heads.  That’s the beauty of using a sticky yarn.

I’ve been wearing these gloves at work where historically I’ve had to drape my jacket over my lap in order to stay warm.  These do the trick!  It makes me wonder why I haven’t knitted myself some sooner.

Anyway, let me know what you think!  And here’s the Ravelry link.  Hey, that rhymed… er… stink.


©2012 at Simple Savvy, the simple living blog where someone said the spoons also look like tulips.  My favorite!  These wristers must be my good luck charms.