So long and thanks for all the fish


My dear friends, thank you for reading Simple Savvy; I’ve loved writing this blog for the past three and a half years.

I’ve decided to stop blogging and simplify, simplify while Mr. Savvy and I continue on the path to building a farm of our own. Part of it is the time factor: I drive a two hour commute. Coupled with the blogging schedule, this means that I am churning out posts in what amounts to all of my free time.

I don’t mind the writing. I mean, I love the writing. It has sustained me for a long time. Now I’m ready to do more, and elsewhere — focus on different subjects, write in depth pieces, and pursue other avenues of getting published. Blogging has been a lovely learning experience.  I want to roll up my sleeves and really get to work.

If you go through the archives, you’ll notice that I’ve taken down many old posts; the ones that remain are some of my favorites. I’ve also closed comments so that I can spend more time living in each moment, snuggling my sweet Lily. But I’ll be around on Twitter, and you can also reach me at savvychristine (at)

Many thanks to each and every one of you for making this blog a fun endeavor! With crafty, decluttering thoughts,


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